THE THIRD EYE, designed by Moked Engineering Ltd. for detecting and locating IR and laser threats, has been optimized initially for armored fighting vehicles (AFV) such as APCs, MBTs etc but has several additional applications.

The system detects instantaneously LTD, LRF and IR search - light threats displaying their type and direction, together with an audio warning, allowing the crews ample time to take defensive measures.

THE THIRD EYE SYSTEM is easily operated and maintained and does not require any special skills. In addition it is very easy to install even under field conditions with no need for a workshop. It has proven its reliability and performance under field conditions.

THE THIRD EYE SYSTEM is built and tested to MIL-STD-810C and applicable parts of MIL-STD-46I and 462. It is in quantity production with complete QA testing and documentation.